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About Us

Kayaking on Barger Pond The Members of Three Arrows Cooperative Society, through shared ownership, active participation, and cooperative management, are committed to sustaining a diverse, multi-generational community that is affordable and enjoyable for Members and their families. We strive for social and environmental responsibility, and we share an appreciation of the values of participatory cooperative living for the betterment of ourselves and society.

Especially during the summer season from Memorial Day to Labor Day, we cooperatively provide a wide range of educational programs; a waterfront with supervised swimming and boating activities; sports facilities; shared community meals; workshops in visual arts, writing, yoga, movement, science and the environment, chorus; weekly landscape work sessions; participatory performances of music, drama and dance for Members and their families, and a weekly newsletter, The Voice of the Hill. These and other activities are driven by Members' interests, leadership, and participation.

Our History

The Famous Labor Day Show The Three Arrows Co-op, located in the picturesque Hudson Valley, was established in 1936 by a group of young, New York socialists looking to build a summer 'paradise' away from the hub-bub of urban life. They pooled resources to begin an intentional community, and purchased 125 acres on Piano Mountain in Putnam Valley: the farm house provided lodging, the barn, a place for social activity, and Barger Pond, a lake for swimming, boating and socializing. For more on Three Arrows history, archives are available at New York University Library.

Photo: Enjoying kayaking on Barger Pond